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How Do Hair DNA Tests Work?

Hair DNA Tests: How They Work?   DNA testing is a popular activity today. Most people embrace it because it helps relieve them of certain uncertainties. Or maybe they are curious about their family history thanks to the popularity of sales on services like Ancestry DNA. In medical practices, DNA helps health experts make the…
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How Long Does DNA Last?

Dioxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing is covered extensively in the mainstream media, since it is used to solve crimes like murders, paternity testing (especially for illegitimate children), in archaeology and other applications. You can even map out your family’s DNA history with a simple gift subscription to a site like Ancestry DNA or 23andMe. The DNA…
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What is the DNA Doe Project?

Bringing Contemporary Science to Old Cases. While most people who die are identified by their relatives or friends, there are many people who go missing, and there is no information about them initially. Their bodies are often found days, weeks, months or years later, and it is difficult to identify the person, find out his…
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