Lessons Learned about Obtaining Data from the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) and the Supplemental Homicide Reports (SHR) as provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Sara A. Martin


When obtaining data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports and/or the Supplemental Homicide Reports, the process can be rather complicated but simple at the same time.  In this project, the researcher needed to accurately extract the reported number of homicides and the number of cleared homicides in order to determine how many cold unresolved homicide cases exist for the period 1980-2014.   This technical report addresses the nuances and processes utilized specifically for this project, and while this may not be new to many who conduct this type of research on a regular basis, others may find it helpful for future projects.


Uniform Crime Reports, Supplemental Homicide Reports, homicide, cleared, unsolved Homicides (Cold Cases), SPSS, MS Excel Program

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ISSN 1942-7794